About Us

John and Jay are old friends with a long history of grumbling and nattering about technology.

Please Note: Jay takes better pictures of John than John does of Jay. Oh well!

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  1. Since everybody is doing battlefields this year, I was planning to spend a night and day at Ypres on the way back from the extremely successful tour of Germany by the Southampton Youth Orchestra. I was second roadie and co driver of the instrument van. However we got caught up in a traditional French farmers protest including the colourful custom of burning tractor tyres. During the 8 hours that we passed on the tarmac, I wondered whether we should join in and set fire to the large bales of hay in the fields on either side of the motorway. However we felt that the French don’t do irony so we gritted our teeth instead. I now know what the small plastic bins of grit that you find periodically on French motorways are for. Needless to say we arrived in Ypres long after the restaurants had closed so we had a bag of chips and a bottle of mayonnaise.

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