Mustering for the Tour

It is so fitting that the start of our travels around the Battlefields of Europe is commencing in Leiden, the Netherlands, about a block from the below:

The plaque marks the mustering point for soldiers from Leiden. On that very spot began the travels of the, perhaps, last campaign of the soldiers joining to fight along side the Iron Duke, Arthur Wellesley, the First Marquess of Wellington, the Anglo-Irish army commander who, with Austrian General Bücher, led the final and definitive battle against Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo, in Belgium.

But I get ahead of my story. I’m writing these notes after my day of travel from Washington, DC to Amsterdam to join with John in a bicycle tour of two famous influential battles fought respectively 200 and 600 years ago, Agincourt and Waterloo. Yesterday saw me eye-to-eye with my KLM jet transport that conveyed me comfortably to Amsterdam.

Assembling my bicycle from the parts in the big box,

And transforming the parts into my marvelous customized conveyance for the next two weeks exploring.

The little beast is now assembled and traversed the Dutch streets of its new home, Holland. It will not be returning with me to America. But here its the view.


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Location:Kort Galgewater,Leiden,The Netherlands

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