The Perdition of AT&T

Up and down the coastal hills between Honfleur and Deauville is some of the most picturesque countryside we have had the pleasure of cycling.   The mixture of ocean, French beaches, and wooded greenery captures the spirit, as the 20 miles go by, pedalstroke by pedalstroke, around and around. 

And the “up-eating cow”.

But it was not for beauty we undertook this diversion.  Here is the reason, the far more subtle and dark reason, that we ventured south of our home base. Here is the hero of our story, Kevin:

AT&T sells “packages” of foreign data to its far ranging customers. My package lasted less than 1 day, as my $30 300MBs melted into the ether, carrying only one day’s pictures to you, and the safety of the clouds. Who would have thought, considering the budget busting hotel reservations secured by my colleague, that data would be the expense that broke the bank. 

But John came through: let’s buy a European chip for use here. They’re cheap. The only problem was … 

beautiful Honfleur is a tourist town, selling everything you want but nothing you need. No phone stores here.

The closest cell phone store was in Beauville, a good 20 mile trip from Honfleur. Hence the sojourn; 

Hence the visit to Beauville, and hence our commerce with Kevin at the Orange phone store. 


It was a happy ending. I bought the chip from Kevin, I have the data, and I have today’s blog, all-in-one.

Be well,