A Day of Beautiful Biking 

Ok, time to get down to it. We love Honfleur, it’s a great town. But Henry V really first attacked  Harfleur across the Seine River, so to be honest, we had to travel there.  Since getting there meant crossing that giant bridge we’ve been showing you, in a narrow unprotected bike path, with giant crosswinds, and big trucks,  we chose discretion and drove. 

Harfleur is a nice little suburb of the busy port of LeHavre. It’s sweet, but only 3 blocks long.

It used to have giant walls that withstood the viscous siege of Henry’s army. Now it has nice flowers, watered daily, and a sign extolling Victor Hugo. 

Ok, so much for Harfleur. We knew from our studies that Henry next took his army up the coast to Fecamp. We decided to start our riding for the day from that port city.  Back we went into the car.

Fecamp. Nice town. Nice church.  Nice restaurants near the church. And by now it was lunch time. 

The Normandy Restaurant had good food, especially the loaded baked potato that we ordered, with cheese, ham and salad. (Ok Ann, you asked for food shots.). 

But even better, underneath was a place mat with a great map that even I could understand. 

There we were in Fecamp, and we noticed that if we were to continue up the coast we would be riding over some substantial hills.  But, there was this beautiful Abbey in Valmont that we could follow along the river road and explore. And everyone knows that rivers are flat.  Ok, the path and goal were set- the Abbey for Nuns at Valmont, a Monastery. 

It was a gorgeous ride.  After the harbor area, the road opened up into the countryside. 

After a few hours we rode into Valmont,  and 

Straight into a beautiful Abbey of Valmont, still in business after 600 years, from Henry’s time.The Abbey of Notre Dame de Pré.

The chapel there on the right was inspirational. 

We even saw some honest relics, the bones of a saint:

The ride home was fun, even against the wind. And a great meal, our last in Honfleur, awaited us..

Apple tart. 

Best wishes,,