Tech Corner

SO, you ask, how are all those Gizmos that Jay and John carry coming along?  Not badly, we answer. Some better than others.  

The Apple watches we both coincidentally happen to own are doing well. Besides the communications, which are enhanced being on the wrists (“Ready yet?” …”Coming”), we use the built-in cycling app to measure our distances, time and heartbeat.  For example, on one hill my heart got up 152 beats per minute.  ( Hear that,  Dr Zimmet?). I must add, though, that the cycling app, if inadvertently left on during lunch, will drain down the battery by about three or 4 PM.  Hopefully we will be back at the hotel by then. 

My pathetic little bike computer (top) is totally outclassed by John’s navigation array. Paper maps are totally passé. John mounts his iPhone Plus using Iphigenie, the French mapping program, electrically connected to the Cannondale computer system controlling his e-bike. Thus the blue dot indicating us is overlaid on a street map that shows bicycle routes. So far we have had only one wrong turn, an amazing improvement over the old paper map days. 

We are now both using wide tires, I’m up to 700×32.  These are proving essential as the roads here by the coast are industrial- very rocky and rough. My original road bike would not make it. 

Swan picture, no reason. 

Even my pedals have changed. They have cleats on one side, but the other side is flat for regular shoes. I’m using the regular shoes more and more, as I’m nervous about getting my feet down should the bike slip over the rocks on these rough roads.  

My American made leather Selle Anatomica seat is very comfortable, and required no break in. Hear that, Brooks Saddle Co. of olde England? 

But tech aside, merrily we roll along.