What A Difference Color Makes 

Today we traveled by car from Honfleur to our new, and last, Base City, Amiens. The drive was cool, as we traced all the towns that King Henry V took with his army, trying and failing to get north across the Somme River to complete his campaign.  Some day we’ll tell you all about it, but I’m so excited about something that we saw tonight here in Amiens that I’m just bursting to show you. 

Amiens sports one hell of a great cathedral. We didn’t have a chance to enter it yet, as we just got into the city around 5 o’clock this evening. But from the outside I can tell you it is something spectacular.

It kinda springs itself on you as you turn a corner. All of the flying buttresses and chapels are fascinating, but the thing that takes your breadth away is the front facade.

There were hundreds of statues on the façade; all were in good condition, and each was remarkable for its detailed carving. It was a moving sight; each statue was worth a good stare, and I certainly will be buying a book identifying who each is.  

But then we moved on and had dinner, which I found much less inspirational.  It dragged on until almost 10:00 PM, at which point we had heard a light show was going on at the cathedral. We got our seats on the curb, the lights dimmed, and the lasers lit up our façade. 

Then POW.  The lasers burst out their colors.

What detail!  What vivid colors! The statues almost came alive. 

Even the little statues and the borders were illuminated and colored.

I’m told that this is how the cathedrals were originally built, with the statuary painted in great detail. Why did they stop? Decay of the paints over the centuries. Why not restore them now in their colors? 


On the way back to the hotel I saw a doorway on the cathedral’s other side. 

I just looked away depressed.  I had seen the light.