A Rainy Day in Amiens

You know the feeling. You’re looking at your weather apps and you get one of these things: ☔️ So you turn on another app and you get a couple of these:⚡️⚡️.  Then you start believing that it truly will be a crummy day.  At least the heavy stuff was not due until noon.  No bicycling in lightning by our rules, but there’ll be things to do here in Amiens. 

Yes, there’s shopping. I owed a few gifts to those who made this trip possible; and now it’s payback time. 

The Gallaria isn’t like Paris,

 but it’s close. 

Ok, done shopping. At 11:00 is the English language tour of the Cathedral. Off we go, this sounds like fun. 

Whoops, it’s an orange weather alert. That means they cannot  take us up the towers of the cathedral in fear of lightning, and so the entire tour is canceled. Curses!

A self tour with the guidebook may work; but it doesn’t. According to the Guide Book, The cathedral was first built in the third century around a saint called Fermin, actually two of them: Fermin the Martyr and his successor, Fermin the Confessor. 

Ok, the story is a little dull. Basically he was persecuted and martyred. Paint on the statues is nice, however, especially for being 16th century, about 500 years old.

Lunch came, and an oppressive heat wave, but no rain. 

Back at the hotel we tried to work, but the hotel for all its grandeur has no A/C. We just couldn’t write or research. Then we thought of John’s little Philips pocket projector. 

We watched Henry V, by Shakespeare, and two sciencey shorts on Agincourt and the English longbows and wiled away the afternoon. The gin and tonic helped with the heat. 

And it never did rain until after dinner.

Tomorrow is our last day to cycle, and you can be sure that we will. 

Best wishes,