Our Goodbye Ride for Agincourt 

After a day’s rain it doesn’t take much to declare the sunshine, no matter how obscure, as sufficient for a ride. So off we went at the crack of dawn ( 9:30) off to the west, following the Somme River. 

V-30 is the name of the bicycle path that goes from the Atlantic Ocean, through Amiens, and on to Paris. 

It’s well marked, compacted if not paved, and a beautiful ride. 

At times you are riding by a precision cut canal, and at other times the path accompanies a rambling river.

Fishermen abound, along with other cyclists and others just enjoying a beautiful day by the river.

The cows ignored us, but a goose took great exception to my presence and truly ran at me in the attacking mode.  I had never been in such fear of a severe goosing as today. 

A few ducks joined in the chase, while a complaisant heron just gave me a “you should have known better ” stare.

We cycled finally into the little town of Corbie, just off the V-30,

 but we had tickets for tonight and so we skipped lunch, just had a beer and cycled back to Amiens.

As for the tickets, we rounded off the culture portion of the trip with a gentle movie, 

which has a nice opera scene.  Where 3 people die violently.  Perfect ending for a beautiful day. 

Best Wishes,