For this trip we are taking…


Jay is sporting a new customized bike from Eric at Bicycle Pro Shop. On a Giant Defy carbon frame he has loaded a really big rear cluster, so the hill issue will simply go away- a Campy- SRAM combo of Chorus shifters, Athena shifters, 32 teeth SRAM cluster, mechanical dual-pinch disk brakes and fat 700-32 Armadillo tires so whatever cornfield navigator John chooses to get lost in Jay will no longer get stuck in the mud. Though Jay has purchased an easy-on Velcro supported handlebar bag, he is pleased that John has volunteered to do the bulk of the carrying.
For communications Jay has all his things: iPhone, iPad and new 1 TB MacBook Pro.

An advance this year is his charging system. Using a standard extension cord with an European adapter he is charging his equipment with 220 volts running through regular US plugs. Simple and easy.

His camera is the Panasonic Lumix ZS 50, which takes excellent pictures, but has had all of the Geo- location capabilities that were in the ZS 40 removed. He’s very disappointed in Panasonic because of this.

My bike this year is a Cannondale Performance with Bosch assist. The 40 000 mAhr battery certainly helps push me up hills, although on Eco mode for maximum range, I still need to do most of the pedalling. At least my legs (if not the rest of me) feel 20 years younger.

The front handle-bars are adorned with my iPhone, the GPS mapping display from Bosch and a brand new top box for my camera etc. Installed by Jay, of course.

The rest of the tech is mostly quite predictable:

  • iPhone
  • MacBook
  • iPad
  • Sony RX100 as a compact capmera and Olympus EM-1 for some fun, if a bit bulky fun

The new kid on the block is a Philips Pico projector that throws quite a decent video on a wall for watching Waterloo documentaries etc.

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